Villa Rundle

Written and Photographed by Szidonia Lorincz


Villa Rundle is a beautiful and spacious garden in the heart of Victoria, at the bottom of Rabat hill. The original garden was built during the British era and is one of the biggest gardens in Gozo and has also recently been renovated. The park is divided into four main parts: the spring garden, summer garden, autumn garden and the winter garden.

There is plenty of space for young and old to enjoy an afternoon out, as there is a modern playground as well as many resting places in the shades of palm trees and other local vegetation. There are many cats in the garden looking for affectionate visitors and befriending just about anyone who seems friendly enough to them.

Another special feature of the garden is the numerous contemporary style statues that can be admired all around the garden. One of them is the Maltese Gossip Statue which is meant to represent the Maltese mentality of gossiping. Another one is of three Maltese kids, which is another usual occurrence in the garden, as many children often enjoy their day at the park, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

 The little pavements lined with palm trees lead from one season to another and the whole design of the place invites a sense of calm and tranquility. The amphitheater close to the southern entrance and the little wooden bridge leading over the fountain are the places where people can enjoy the sunshine, whereas visitors looking for shade can find shelter in the lush greenery.