Upper Barrakka Gardens

Written by Szidonia Lorincz


The Upper Barrakka Gardens is situated on the eastern walls of Valletta, on the upper tier of St. Peter & Paul Bastion, built in the 1560s. On the lower tier, one can find the saluting battery that gives a historic and stately atmosphere to the place. The gardens originally had a roof which were later removed, and originally it was a place for knights of the Italian langue of the Order of Saint John. After the French occupation, the gardens were opened for the public.


In its design it is very similar to its twin garden, the Lower Barrakka gardens, however the place has it’s own unique charm. The architecture is dominated by arches around the garden, with a beautiful fountain right in the middle. The Gardens offer a panoramic view of the Three-cities (Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua) as well as the Grand harbor.

There are several memorials in the gardens, for people like Gerald Strickland, Sir Thomas Maitland and Sir Winston Churchill. There is also a replica of the statue of The Street Boys by Maltese sculptor Antonio Sciortino.

The gardens are a favorite among locals and tourists and a cafe inside the gardens provides refreshments for everyone. The view from this place is a must see, and it is a perfect place for lengthy afternoon rests as well as quick getaways from the noise of the city.