The Mall

Written and Photographed by Szidonia Lorincz



The Mall, or “Maglio”, was originally established in 1656 by Grand Master Lascaris for the Knights to use as a recreational space. In this period the area was surrounded by high walls, which were later replaced by lower ones during the British period to make it accessible to the public.

The name of the garden originates from a ball game popular among the Knights, Palla a Maglio. Later on, the place was turned into a public garden. The garden is positioned right next to Triq Sarrija, the road leading into Valletta, right before hotel Phoenicia and it is aligned with the Fort St Elmo – Valletta entrance axis. The two arched entrance gateways were brought to the garden from Pjazza Regina in Valletta.

                Although it’s quite a narrow garden, it is very well organized with lots of plants, various statues and plenty of space to sit down and relax. The park is a favored place of the many cats of the area as well, who enjoy the shade of plants and the friendship of visitors all throughout the day, as well as locals of all ages. Oftentimes one can witness the typical Maltese sight of elderly people gathering to talk about their days on one bench while teenagers are taking selfies on the other.