“The Disposable Generation”

Written by Alex Hickey

A trip through the dark pits, rancid nooks and crannies, and soft white underbellies of a generation of wild animals that have a newfound freedom from the circus of society and are now running wild without, socks, shoes, neck ties or even waistcoats.


“This generation is fucked”

“Can I start my article like that?”

I told you I would and there it is but I also said that I wouldn’t cloud your words without giving context, so here we go again.

I’ve been waking up a lot recently with empty bottles of Malibu and strange women in beds which were not my own. And it makes me feel lonely sometimes and not unlike the rest of the generation we live in. And it makes me sad that sometimes we are just like the waves that crash on these forgotten shores, rolling in and out as the sun rises and sets but sometimes if you’re lucky you can meet someone special who proves you wrong, that not everyone is a god forsaken swine that just lives in their own hedonistic filth. Today I met Shelly De Martino, a local talent with a clear view for herself and strong convictions, these were the results of that interaction.

I went out in search of the usual shtick, people who run around with their heads up their butts completely unaware of the world around them, sadly I was mistaken this time, sadly for the sheer fact that I actually have to put in an ounce worth of goddam work in for my editor but I was also fantastically surprised, for over the course of four hours we spoke on many topics, like god and marriage and jobs and of course, this generation we all live in.

We talked about many topics indeed but the main point I want to go over is probably the heaviest one of all, purpose and meaning. I found Shelly on Facebook when she added me about a month back and I had no idea who she was. I soon realized her prominence on social media and like most other people thought, oh here’s just another self-obsessed girl whose only aim was shameless self-promotion. And you know what? I wasn’t entirely wrong, despite her being an exceptionally perceptive person with a strong head on her shoulders. I asked her about this idea of self-promotion and she wasn’t coy to say, yeah, she works in a hard industry of marketing and promoting products and I don’t just mean that in the sense of handing out flyers and what not, she uses social media in the same way most people do, to network but just in a very immediate way. She’s happy with the life she lives albeit she questions the idea of it and still hopes to find deeper meaning in life in general which is where I come in. Waking up as I did this morning, shaking, disoriented and short of time to get to work, it’s hard to see meaning in a world of degeneracy and loathing.

Despite of all that, maybe she has a point, maybe finding meaning and purpose is in the journey rather than the final results, as cliché as it is, I for one would hope so because I sure have been fucking up a lot lately and from what I understand she has been through a lot herself. And it’s hard to believe especially considering all the things I’ve heard leading up to this article, that these people are actual three dimensional characters with three dimensional feelings. I hate to admit it, but I was genuinely enamoured by Shelly’s blind honesty to everything and how upfront she was about the facts and yes Juan, she’s very much aware that sex sells and for you out there who are still grappling with the facts, get over it, it’s always been a fact. But that doesn’t mean they are part of some exclusive club where only others in the same social class can cosy up to them and engage in pointless conversations about Mini Coopers and apartments in Madliena. Possibly the best part of the night was after our sushi dinner when she said she’d be more than happy to meet for a casual drink rather than in such a sterile setup, a quaint notion considering how little time I have (and maybe I’m more like the characters I criticize than I am comfortable to admit to) but I would probably have not taken her up on that one before I had spoken to her, a cute face and good body isn’t enough to buy me, but boy, all that and a good noggin, that’s the kind of thing you don’t find at the dollar store.

So what of her? We know she’s still seeking purpose in her life, we know she uses social media to promote herself but what does the future look like for Shelly? Well, she’s at a juncture right now career wise, she could do the easy thing and join a company to do promotions strictly through them or take the tough route and stay freelance until she can start up her own company; I told her she should drop it all and move to Korea with me, but pies are easy to dream about when they’re way up in the sky.

So coming back, Shelly is a middle class girl, who tries to do nothing else but be middle class, in the sense that she suffers through the same senseless crap that I get the luxury to complain about on a daily basis and she uses her assets to her benefit and for those out there who feel that’s a cop out, fuck you. I only have a job because I came out of an English speaking hole and had you been born with something that people wanted I’m sure you’d be selling your spleen before the day was done. And that’s what this article’s all about right? Yeah, she’s in marketing and advertisement and yeah, a lot of people would argue that that’s a cheap industry to be , and maybe you’re right, and maybe Juan is right, maybe in a sense we’re all right, but she’s been through a lot to get here and if that’s what she wants to do, that’s her issue.

Finally we came to the big question, what is the purpose and meaning behind all this crap and why do we live in the disposable generation? Well, long story short, according to her, we were given human rights, we fought long and hard or rather our parents did and now that everything is free or cheap, we just abuse it like the awful millennial cowards we are. Because we have no idea what it means to struggle for something or actually work hard and thus nothing has value. Which brings us back to our original point, our generation IS fucked and it will probably take a couple more generations to finally sort out our shit.

So yeah, Shelly, I do think people misunderstand you and what you do and I do believe you were genuine with your thoughts. I do have a new found respect for you and what you do, even though our opinions still differ almost entirely and yes, I would happily meet you for that drink anytime.