Shelly: Icon or Iconoclast?

Written by Alex Hickey

I don’t know if she’d like me titling her first proper article in this way after looking up what an iconoclast is, but I know that she’d give me the chance and read on before ripping my throat out too. And that is perhaps why we work so well together. In fact, I didn’t know Shelly all too much, or perhaps I didn’t think I knew her back when we met in summer before her South African trip (which she’s chronicled on her Instagram if you’re instarested) but after schooling me in local history and my own family tree I had to grow close, real fast or risk being made obscure.

Photo Credit: Szidónia Lőrincz

We share a godmother together and are as close to being related without actually sharing family lineage as it gets, we probably played in the same streets and she knew my sister before they were in school. And this kind of thing is ultimately a very Maltese story believe it or not, on an island of less than half a million and nowhere to go, you’re bound to be related to someone or another.

It was a steamy afternoon in Paceville when I first met up with Shelly in a formal setting, one of those late August afternoons that seemingly never end. And my predetermined ideas of her faded more and more as we went along, we spoke about many topics and I felt glad at the time that she seemingly let her guard down so easily with me, it gave me a better insight and that’s why I feel righteous in my titling this post about her. Because I figured she was another icon of today’s world, going around as she did at the time in her roller skates and passing out flyers and what not, at parties with people who love to be seen, instaloving, flaunting, wanting, never satisfied, the prototypical 21st century girl, but she turned out, at least to my eyes, to be an iconoclast more than an icon, and I feel justified in saying that, as in an era where Gucci and Dolce Gabana are gods and malls are cathedrals to our every need, to have someone be real while still attempting to keep up with a demanding world is tough. So maybe she doesn’t go after social trends as veraciously as a hipster with his undies in a twist but she does see brains over bags and boots as an essential part of being an intelligent and contributing human being. Which is why I have so much respect for her, she walks a hard line and she makes it work for her.

But that’s not why we’re here! I’m here to update you all with the exciting life and times of what Shelly’s been up to and ultimately, what she can do for you! Since our first meeting we’ve met on other occasions and discussed the future on both our sides and for the time being she is not going to pursuit her freelance work and move towards her own business but she does have some interesting opportunities on the table. She’s still working in promotion and has recently been promoted to team building coordinator with her new job, a positions she’s been aiming at for a fair while now from what I understand.

Travel is never too far from her mind and I’m sure all the people on her Instagram anticipate her next journey out of the front door, off to faraway lands that most of us have only ever heard about in myths and magazines. I would highly suggest she try Bhutan but I’ll leave that up to her.

We met up with her over the past weekend for a shoot by her old house in Msida, as you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re quite big on nostalgia here at Live and Work and I hope she enjoyed as much as we did. It brought back a lot of great memories from our youth and in an ever progressing country like Malta, such moments are a welcomed treat to the numbed mind. Between work and socializing and all the other important aspects of a modern life, we sometimes lose sight of the world around us, the world which in the end, made us who we are today.

All in all, we look to the future and feel warmly about the past as we push on with our visions and ambitions. We’re glad that Shelly’s a fan of our page and we’re happy to have a place on our page to call home for her and her quirky life. We will have more on her on our local legends section of Live and Work where we will keep up with her interesting, sometimes hectic but always moving life and we’d like to just finish off with a moment of silence for her recent loss, Fudgie, her dog, of who she got her latest tattoo where she used to lay her snout on her arm while chilling on the couch.

We move on and look with pride, look towards the future and anticipate only the best.