Sa Maison

Written and Photographed by Szidonia Lorincz


Sa Maison garden is one of the island’s hidden jewels. It’s situated between the police headquarters in Floriana and the Maltese naval base in Pieta. It is nestled into the walls of old bastions that fortified the area through various historical periods. The bastions were used as a strategic point to defend Msida creek.

The entrance of the garden opens from the road leading up to Valletta with no sidewalk, because of this many people miss it. The plants of the garden are more overgrown than what one is used to in Malta, which I personally considered to be inviting and interesting. There are various flora and fauna through the sections of the garden. From the entrance one can go all the way up to the bastions, getting a breathtaking view over Msida, Pieta and Ta-Xbiex. The remains of the anti-air gun that sat in the middle section of the garden can still be found and these walls also provided the musket men during the time of the knights with a place to position from the classic watchtower that is synonymous with Malta and can be found here.

Walking to the back of the gardens there is a small pathway leading downwards, further into the lush greenery, where one can find statues and fountains reminiscent of a different era.  There is a small scale model of a castle, which is a memorial to the Essex Regiment once based in Malta. At this part of the garden the trees provide complete shade from the sun; however the view is still astonishing and the air is much fresher than outside on the streets. The place is kept in order and visitors can freely wander and enjoy the pleasantness of the place.