Planting a Seed, One Home at a Time

Written by Marc H. Schembri

Be on the lookout, as some trees might get planted right next to your doorstep. Real Estate agency Quicklets and Zanzi homes (QLZH) have been planting Maltese Cypress trees, in collaboration with ELC. After discussions with the Pembroke local council, the project has been approved as part of the company’s wider project to plant a tree with every home that is sold through Zanzi Homes.

Apart from raising awareness through the importance of green zones in urban areas, Zanzi Homes is bringing its agents closer to nature as they themselves have planted the trees: “It is important for us to show what we stand up for, and that is sustainability. Real estate should not be only about property, but also about the environment we live in. We believe that development should be met halfway with clean air, uncontaminated water, green areas and in the near future, the prevailing use of renewable energy”, says Steve Mercieca (CEO) whilst looking at the newly-planted trees with a satisfied smile.

He continues: “It is also important for us to be diverse at the workplace. It’s great to see so many agents here today, helping out in what would otherwise seem a dirty job, and even embarrassing for some. Today, on the contrary, we’re showing here that taking up a shovel and a spade is something to be proud of; we are planting more trees in the community, which will contribute to this green area”. Kyra Petroni, HR manager also added: “This initiative is great as it will provide a pretty scenery, more oxygen, great spaces for family outings and shade for picnics. We really put in a team effort and it’s worked out wonderfully!”


With Every Home we Sell we will plant a Tree #Treedom

With Every Home we Sell we will plant a Tree – In partnership with ELC #Treedom #ZanziHomes #Quicklets #QLZH #TeamAwesome #JoinTeamAwesome #JoinTeamZanzi #Sustainability #EcoFriendly #Teamwork #ELC Credits to Melanie Vella for such amazing words.

Geplaatst door Zanzi Homes op zondag 26 februari 2017