Msida Gardens

Written and Photographed by Szidonia Lorincz


Many people pass through Msida daily as most of the buses going to Valletta or St Julians go through this city.  Many locals live in this area, as well as students and foreigners, as it is a relatively central area, close to the sea and real estate prices are still in an acceptable range. 

The park in the center of Msida, next to the church has existed for a long time and has gone through many changes. The burger stand at the entrance, for instance has been there for almost a century. This park has always provided a space for children to play outside, while their parents hung out on the benches under the trees. There is even a gazebo today that offers shade and plenty of space to sit down and take a rest away from the heat of the sun. The pond in the middle was filled with gold fish some time ago, however they had to be removed eventually as they were being fished out of the water by curious children at play.

The piazza right in front of the church is an area taken back from the sea and tailored to provide a space for people to meet and socialize. There are plenty of benches and free spaces. You can always find people hanging out. It also serves as the stage for the gostra (jos- tra) and the fireworks display during the summer festa.

The Msida creek used to be a submarine base. The memorials are for all the navy men serving during Wolrd War 2. There are many statues of high ranking navy officers of the time as well. It’s a pleasant garden, full of greenery and hidden gazebos.