Life’s a beach in Malta… And here’s why!

Written by Kurt Aquilina

Think about beaches: sun, sand, water… you get the idea! This is basically one thing you can definitely get used to when you’re living in Malta.

You may have heard that Malta is an all-year round ‘Summer Land’. This is quite the cliché, as even though Malta is considerably hotter than other places in Europe, it tends to have ‘some kind’ of winter at times. When it comes to Maltese beaches, the vast amount of sea-side has its uses, even after the summer season ends. It goes without saying that Maltese beaches are the highlight of any holiday to the country. From rocky to sandy beaches, one can definitely find one for their suiting. In today’s post, we will be showing you which ones are the ones you cannot miss!


Blue Lagoon

The Telegraph calls it “Malta’s top swimming spot”, and they’re probably right! The Blue Lagoon is by far that one beach, everyone has at the top of their list. It is one of the largest beaches in the Maltese Archipelago, made of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. The Blue Lagoon is situated on the latter, Comino. The island is considerably smaller than the rest and is only accessible by boat. That being said, this sandy beach is untouched by man, keeping it as natural is it gets. If you plan on taking your children, this is also a great place to spend the day. Its shallow waters can keep your little ones busy as they enjoy those clear blue waters.

Blue Lagoon Malta

The Blue Lagoon in Comino… Photo taken by William Attard McCarthy via Getty Images


The Blue Lagoon offers many opportunities: from light swimming to snorkelling, hiking the land to taking a boat tour of the surrounding caves. If you love keeping yourself busy, we’d suggest you go there early. Comino is not quite Malta’s best kept secret and so, the best time to head over there and ‘mark your territory’ is early in the morning. Go later in the day, and you’ll find yourself struggling with finding a spot among the shore. Especially in the summer months, Comino is infested with visitors and so, finding a spot is close to impossible.  If you’ve watched the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Troy’, you might have realised that Comino has also appeared in one of its scenes. Have a look at what we’re talking about down here and make sure to let the world know when you go there.

Visitors of Comino and the Blue Lagoon have access to all the basic amenities, water sports, multiple food and drink stands etc. If you’re enjoying it so much that you want to stay the night, there is also a hotel on Comino which is both attractive and affordable.

Mellieha Bay (Ghadira)

Mellieha Bay is the largest sandy beach on the island of Malta. Referred to by the locals as Ghadira, the beach can be found in the north of Malta. It is very easily accessible by any means of transport and offers a vast array of amenities by the beach.

Mellieha Bay

Bird’s Eye view of Mellieha Bay (L-Ghadira)… Photo taken from the Malta Independent


Ghadira is every parent’s best friend, especially considering most local children learn how to swim there. The beach is family friendly, both in its access to the sea itself and also while swimming. The water starts very shallow and deepens every so often. This gives the children space to roam around while you get to relax under the Maltese sun. Picking a place to grab a bite to eat is probably the hardest thing to do while at Ghadira: The place is surrounded by so much restaurants and hotels and so in that department, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Ghadira also offers many water sports, ranging from kayaking to jetskis and paddle boats. A floating playground is also set up every year for the younger visitors of the bay. Just like Comino, Mellieha is one of the tourist hotspots in Malta and so you might find yourself battling it out to find a suitable spot on the sand along the shore. Most recently, many have complained about the large number of umbrellas and deckchairs placed on the beach in the early morning, forcing you to rent one in order to have a comfortable spot. However, most patrons always find a way around all this and manage to enjoy the day either way.

St. Peter’s Pool

Shifting from the north of Malta towards the south: St. Peter’s Pool is a beach found at the tip of Delimara Point, close to Marsaxlokk. Unlike the above two beaches, this is much smaller and much more of what you can call one that gets you ‘out of your comfort zone’.  Access to the beach is not easy, and getting there by car is even more difficult. However, once you finally make it, you wouldn’t want to wait to get right into the water.

St. Peters Pool

Bird’s eye view of St. Peter’s Pool… Photo taken from


St. Peter’s Pool is also home to the cliff-diving dog sensation, Titti. Before Titti, the bay was considered one of the quietest in Malta, due to its lack of access. Since then, the viral video recorded at St. Peter’s Pool has brought many tourists to the bay. Nowadays, visiting St. Peter’s Pool may even give you the chance to watch the Jack Russell in action. Check out one of the many videos showing Titti’s diving below.

The only challenge to St. Peter’s Pool is the lack of amenities. As the bay is secluded, be sure to go there prepared with food, drink and sun-block as St. Peter’s Pool is as barren as it gets. The closest restaurant is about 3 kilometres away at Marsaxlokk. If you’re into the sandy kind of beach, this place is not exactly your best friend as the beach is 100% rocky. However it has got many flat spaces to put your towel and get a tan.

Golden Bay

This bay takes its name from the golden sands found in the area. It is situated right next to another beach called Ghajn tuffieha which it is also often mistaken to be. Just like Ghadira, it is very easily accessible and very family-friendly. It is based on the outskirts of Mgarr and besides the large Radisson hotel right beside it, the area is very rural and is popular also in the winter as a hiking site.

Golden Bay

A Bird’s Eye view of Golden Bay… Photo taken by


One of the first Maltese beaches to earn the Blue Flag status, Golden Bay boasts high environmental and quality standards. It is currently one in nine beaches to earn this status. The beach has all the facilities you may need, from food and drink, to water sports including jetskiis and parachute rides. One can even rent an umbrella or deckchair from the beach store as you enter Golden Bay. Just like most of the popular beaches in Malta going there early is always recommended if you are to find the best place to lie down.  Quick caution: Make sure to check the wind direction before you go, the bay is prone to strong currents when the wind is to the north-west.

Ramla Bay

The last beach on our list today, is one situated on the topmost island within the archipelago, Gozo. Ramla Bay, locally known as Ramla l-Hamra (Red Sand) is another Blue Flag beach in Xaghra. It is considered Gozo’s largest sandy beach and one of the most beautiful too.

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay in Gozo… Photo taken from


Just like most of the beaches mentioned above, this beach is easily accessible and attracts many locals and foreigners alike. The beach offers all of the basic facilities and also offers access to wheelchair-bound people. If not for swimming or sunbathing, hiking up the hill gives you the chance to have a look at the spectacular view of the bay itself, surrounded by the vast greenery that Gozo has to offer. Besides the view, one can also visit what is called the Calypso cave which is said to be one of Gozo’s main landmarks.  Despite it being one of the major beaches in Gozo, it never seems to be as crowded and so gives you a lot of space to enjoy the peace and quiet. This is synonymous with the whole of Gozo and so visiting the island is one of the great pleasures one cannot possibly miss when living or on holiday in Malta.

This has been our take on just five top beaches on the Maltese Islands. Of course, Malta, Gozo and Comino have a lot more to offer, but we’ve decided to show you the cherry on the cake! So if you love the beach and are looking for a place to visit, you know Malta is the best place to go to! We assure you, once you come here, you won’t want to leave any time soon!