Lower Barrakka Gardens

Written by Szidonia Lorincz







The Lower Barrakka Gardens are situated on the south-eastern walls of Valletta, overlooking the Grand Harbor and the breakwater. The garden is a great resting spot after a long walk around Valletta as it is just outside the main streets. The view is amazing and the garden offers a great outlook on the Siege Bell War Memorial. The place itself is small, but it has plenty of space to sit down, rest and enjoy the view.

There is a small café just outside the garden, where visitors can enjoy a drink and some snacks. Inside the gardens there is plenty of greenery and various pathways. One can easily find a secluded spot under a palm tree, or one overlooking the harbor, where they can marvel on the view of cruise ships entering and leaving the city and imagine the numerous historic events this harbor provided the grounds for.

In the center of the garden there is a neoclassical temple designed by architect Giorgio Pullicino, the Monument to Sir Alexander Ball, a British naval officer who helped the Maltese rebels fend off the French forces. There are also numerous commemorative plaques, such as the one for the Hungarian revolution in 1956, the Prague spring, Giuseppe Garibaldi and the 50th anniversary of the European revolution.