Events For North Korean Refugees

Written by Alex Hickey

Last weekend Live and Work in Malta hosted our first couple philanthropic events in association with TNKR, a Seoul based organizations that is devoted to educating North Korean defectors that have been reintegrated into South Korean society.

I have had the personal experience of working with these fine people and despite what most people would probably imagine, working with North Korean people is just like working with any other person, after the initial sense of awe and wonder of thoughts like, gosh, who knows what he/she’s been through, what did it take for this person to get to this seat in front of me right now? But they’re extremely appreciative of the little we can actually offer to them, time, some knowledge and a little patience.

And as much as they appreciate all the help, the organization that aims constantly to help these people the TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees), based in Seoul, asked how we can help, and you, our sponsors who of course have faith in all we do at Live and Work in Malta came through for us and raised the money to have our two events on either side of the world, one at Café Society in Malta and one here at Blue Bridge, South Korea. The nights went well and were enjoyed by all, particularly at Café Society which was packed and even spilled into the roads, and all this on a night when it was cold and wet outside. Here in Korea, with temperatures at around -10 degrees and on a Sunday we had a more moderate crowd but nonetheless, filled with laughter and good intentions.

Overall, we raised awareness and even some money for the organization and so we’d like to say thank you to all our sponsors and everyone who passed by to show their support. We hope that people will take a moment in future to consider the plight of these people who if round up in a couple words, I would say would be strong, determined and unwavering in their struggle for freedom and in the end we can learn a hell of a lot from them and hope that you’d take a moment to consider this and maybe donate or start a fundraiser of your own for them!


You can see pictures from the Maltese event below and the ones from the Korean event on our Facebook page!

Special thanks to:

Café Society Valletta

Blue Bridge Wine Factory, Itaewon

Quicklets Malta

Zanzi Homes

Cocohub Malta

Transcripta Malta

And also thanks to:  안태희 for the photography with SNAP ME Korea.