Discover Malta,

The Lexmoto Way.


What comes to mind when we go back in our memories of Malta, whether you’ve been here for 2 months or your whole life through, you have already developed an idea of Malta. The word that comes to mind for me is iconic.

Malta is a kind of work of art in its own right, and I mean that about the whole island. Think about the first time you looked off of those bastions at the grand harbor, what was your first reaction? Malta’s not always splendid or clean cut, but that smell of fennel in the air as you drive towards Mdina in the blasting summer heat with the window down is timeless, something you’ll remember through your days and if not that it’s the scent of the sea; that old, salted smell, that for some reason just smells great. And it smells great because that’s the smell of the summer’s call, always waiting around the corner.

What is Malta to you? Is it the styles of architecture that serves as a reminder of the maturity that these islands have gone through over the years or the piazzettas that hold just that little taste of Italy? Whatever it may be, you can’t help but fall in love with Malta, slowly, slowly each and every day. It’s when you realize that there is more to the island that you saw in those two weeks you were here on holiday that time. It’s when you realize that every street and every door has a story to tell and most of the people wandering those streets and hanging out around those doors are usually more than happy to tell them to you.

But what makes an icon? It’s the integrity that holds the thing together, think about it, something that remains unchanged, unaltered; something that has stuck to its roots no matter what. Just like this place we call home. And I would dare you to find a place that hasn’t stuck to its original mystique on this island. From Gharb to Marsaxlokk, you know that this is the true Malta, the postcard perfect slice of paradise that’s only one flight away from home. People always ask me, after eight years, eight years, why do you keep coming back to Malta? What is so special, and there are many answers. I think the best is that Malta is not just an island but a deeply personal experience, everyone’s Malta experience is unique and different as the spirits who live and breathe the stories themselves.

A moment I realized the rising surge of energy on the island that awakened that spirt of curiosity and zest for me was a spring morning in April of 2014, just coming back from Berlin with new eyes, I went for a ride on my scooter in the early morning to take the edge off. Riding round through the narrow roads of Msida, I came out Gzira side and turned off onto the Ta’ Xbiex promenade and as I rode I stopped to watch the collecting fog over Marsamxett harbor. And the outline of what could possibly one day be the most well-known façade of the Mediterranean, Valletta.

I can’t tell you what it was about that day, maybe the abnormally steamy drone of heat waves that seemed to go through me, the idea of the day off with the wind going through my hair or the little old ladies laughing in their little traditional doorways. Many people around the islands these days are caught up in their day to day rush, not that I am any different but people forget that it’s not all about earning a living but also living your earnings. That’s what Malta is all about, that Mediterranean passion mixed with a stubborn sense of individuality that it will fight for no matter what. And we know that’s why you’re here too, to find yourself in this big crazy world, to define yourself as a product of your hard work and effort or to fight to spread that name that you’ve cultivated for so many years.

Malta is a place of individuals, it creates them and nurtures them, go out for a ride on a clear spring morning in the sunshine and you can feel it in the people passing by. Meet the fresh young entrepreneurs out at happening hang out spots and listen to their start up ideas just to think, god, how hasn’t that already been done? Individuals who innovate, create and have a view of the future; that’s what this island is about. And you can be part of it too; the call goes out to all.

But remember, the ones who get by the fastest, also go the fastest, and making your mark on these islands makes a big difference. And as for style, we’ve got you covered. The Lexmoto Valletta bears the name of our islands capital and is a symbol of all that we are, proud, beautiful, wild and well-equipped to the daily needs of our innovators who fight for their rightful slice of the limelight. This is truly a vehicle suited for those who create and need to get by fast and in a way that won’t cost them too much. Because we understand the needs that young entrepreneurs as well as hard working young people with passion have and they are not too different at their foundation.

So take the time to find your true idea of Malta and do it on a scooter that truly brings out the essence of the island. Lexmoto Valletta.