Council of Europe Garden

Written and Photographed by Szidonia Lorincz








The Council of Europe Garden lies at the meeting point of Msida, Ta Xbiex and Gzira. It was previously known as Il-Gzira gardens or Yacht Marina Gardens as it is situated right next to the marina. The local council of Gzira renamed the garden to commemorate the 50 Anniversary of the establishment of the Council of Europe and the 35th Anniversary of Malta being the member of this council.

The garden extends from the Yacht Marina all the way to Bus Stop lounge; it has various spots for resting, as well as a playground, bouncy castle for children and a small kiosk to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while having some local food. The garden is well taken care of, it has various plant species and it is notable from being green all year round, even in the dry months of summer.

The garden creates a nice contrast between the old houses of Ta-Xbiex and the Yacht Marina, as it serves as a smooth transition from the traditional architecture to the modern marina. It’s also a good spot to get away from the noise of the city, as the main roads going to the seafront meet right in front of the garden.