Colors of Summer

Ta’ Xbiex

Written by Szidonia Lorincz

This project follows my quest during the summer of 2017 to grasp the atmosphere of the summer Festa celebrations through various cities. The center of the series are the people, who make this season all so special.

The concept of Festa revolves around the combination of religious and non-religious practices, piety and fun, as well as bringing people together, locals and foreigners the same. My photo series is more focused on the fun and social side of this custom.

The festa season is not only characterized by the procession itself, but the life outside, on the streets during summer. Groups of locals huddle the crowded streets and enjoy the warm atmophere after a steamy day.

As the heat inside the apartments reaches unbearable levels, people make use of the open spaces and spend their afternoons on the streets.

The value of street vendors go up as people  spend more and more time outdoors, having their snacks or meals while enjoying the gentle summer breeze.

Night life also moves outside, and the streets are filled with the lives of people who otherwise choose to remain hidden, had it not been  for the heat driving people to the open air.