Colors of Summer


Written by Szidonia Lorincz

This project follows my quest during the summer of 2017 to grasp the atmosphere of the summer Festa celebrations through various cities. The center of the series are the people, who make this season all so special.

The procession during the festa usually marks the beginning of the whole festive season. People gather on the streets for the religious celebrations and they will participate in the non-religious celebrations afterwards as well. The streets stop being the place for transportation, and become the space for community building, socializing and fun.

Families go out together to witness and participate in the procession. The children are part of the celebrations from early childhood, which becomes a habitual summer activity. Of course it’s not just about the formal and religious customs, they take their part in the fun afterwards as well as their parents.

The major roads are usually closed down and traffic is diverted, giving way to the procession. People can freely move about the streets and vendors can set up their carts without having to worry about traffic.

The people of the church get into their positions and prepare for the procession. Everyone has their specific place and role, and some of them carry the sacred relics throughout the parade. People come out to witness this event and also to find their relatives and friends in the crowd.

Each type of clothing marks a specific rank and role within the church, starting from the simple white clothes of the children, to the traditional and historical garment of the people of the church carrying the sacred and symbolic relics.

The church of the respective town is heavily decorated with festive lights, which can be seen from cities away.

Locals also participate by decorating their own windows with religious symbols and family relics.