Colors of Summer


Written by Szidonia Lorincz

This project follows my quest during the summer of 2017 to grasp the atmosphere of the summer Festa celebrations through various cities. The center of the series are the people, who make this season all so special.

Music is an essential part of any festa. Not only is it the accompaniment of the religious procession, but every city has a performance played by their own marching band, attended by many locals and foreigners.

The street vendors are well prepared with traditional local sweets for the people arriving for the scene of the local marching band.

In the heat of the summer refreshments are a must.

The sacred places are again tightly intertwined with the everyday life: people are gathered to listen to cover versions of popular songs outside the Gzira church.

The programs provide entertainment for all ages and are a means to bring people together.

Even the buildings reflect the festive atmosphere of the summer.