Colors of Summer


Written by Szidonia Lorincz

This project follows my quest during the summer of 2017 to grasp the atmosphere of the summer Festa celebrations through various cities. The center of the series are the people, who make this season all so special.

People gathering at the Rotunda of Mosta. This particular Feast is for the Assumption, also known as the feast of Santa Maria, dedicated to the ascent of Virgin Mary into Heaven. Mosta is one of various villages which celebrate this date within the framework of the summer festa on the 15th of August.

Onlookers in Mosta waiting for the procession to begin. Mosta is one of various villages which celebrate this date on the island every summer.

The local marching band marks the beginning of the procession, playing traditional feast music along the walk.

After the band passes, the priests and members of the church display their sacred relics.

Members of the church wait for the holy statue to arrive.

After the celebrations.

Families and friends sit outside one of Mosta’s more popular bars after the celebration. It is customary to continue the religious festivities in the local bars through the warm, summer night.

Street vendor resting her eyes after a busy afternoon. These stands are very popular among both locals and foreigners, and they offer special, local sweets and souvenirs.