Author of the Month!


Juan ‘Pyro’ Dingli, our main man on the ground with culture and history of our beautiful islands was approached to do some work with us late last year just before the launch of our website. We asked him to join our small team because of his zeal and enthusiasm as well as his vast knowledge of the islands, one could call him ‘The encyclopedia Maltija’ but of course we all know him as Juan, which is easier. Speaking of which the Pyro in his name comes from his love of camping and open fires, of course always in a camping setting, as well as his explosive energy and warm personality.

I have known Juan for a couple years now and to me there was no better choice for the role! A Maltese born, Maltese raised champion of the culture and he loves the place with all his heart. That being said he also loves traveling and has a particular affinity to our beloved neighbor Italy, particularly Sicily which he visits annually and yes, he can speak Italian quite fluently!

Most time when he’s not working his day job or running around helping us understand the interesting facts and titbits of the towns around the islands, Juan enjoys a variety of quite typical Mediterranean traditions, like good food, enjoying the wonderful Maltese countryside and he has a special place in his heart for 4×4 cars and off-roading. And as I mentioned he also loves camping and if you’re wondering where his favorite spots are? You’ll have to ask him yourself as that won’t show up in any of his island explorer articles; a good camper never shares their secrets.

So that’s Juan for you! A first time author with us and we’re proud to have him on our team! His energy and enthusiasm in his articles can be read in every sentence and every article and we hope that his future articles are as interesting and enjoyable as his last ones have been and we hope that if you have any questions for Juan you can feel free to reach out and ask in the comment section, he’s very active on Facebook and is often on our website! He’s also up for a collaborative effort on the upcoming carnival feasts in February so keep an eye out for that and we hope that we can see a lot more from him beyond the articles he’s already producing with Live and Work.

This has been our first edition of our meet the staff articles and we can’t wait to introduce you to the other happy, hardworking people that breathe life into our space! Keep an eye out, more to come!