Author of the Month!


This month we have another one of our oldest on staff, in fact one of our first writers, I’m talking about our own star photographer Szidonia Lorincz. Don’t adjust your screen; you’re reading that name correctly, what you need to understand first and foremost is her identity crisis, that might explain things a little better. Szid, as we know her round the office, is from Transylvania, Dracula anyone? Ha, now that that is out of the way; yes, Transylvania is an area in Romania with a predominantly Hungarian population since it is historically part of the greater ‘Magyar’ (Mud-Yar) area. So, she’s a Hungarian born in Romania living in Malta and like all the rest of us, she’s still trying to figure out what life is all about. We caught up with her this week to see what she’s been up to lately.

Szid, as we have mentioned is our star photographer and has ambitions for top magazines in the future. She particularly loves taking pictures of landscapes and street photography, as you may have noticed from her recent photo series and we sure love them. So we went out on an expedition with her to see how her project was going.

Today, Szid was out and about the streets of Msida and Floriana taking pictures of the wonders this island is famous for. She’s always had a camera in hand, ever since she was just a little kid with a bunch of disposable cameras, chronicling the amazing scenes in the world around her. And this has taken her round most of Europe, north to south; whether hitchhiking through Scandinavia or in a work away in Sicily and now she is here to bring out the true beauty of these magnificent islands which we live on.

She has been here for about a year and a half now and she really has fallen in love with Malta. In her spare time, she teaches English at a local language school, and she has also recently finished doing voluntary work for a local charity, she keeps busy! Her photography is her passion but she also enjoys ice skating and skiing and swimming. She’s very active both physically, mentally and she has a lust for life that you won’t find anywhere else and that is why we love to have her on our team so much!

So what’s after LWM for her? Well, as we said and also hope, she wants to move to bigger and better things like NatGeo magazine, did we mention she is also very ambitious! And we of course wish her all the best. So that’s Szidonia for you, a person going places and great eye for pictures.