A night out with a local legend.


Last weekend we threw a promotional event for our boy Aidan who released yet more new material for us to showcase and will  be released later this year. It was a great occasion and the weather was very permitting. The only real thing that came between us and a massive crowd was the fact that it was St. Patrick’s Day, but that didn’t stop us from a damn fine time.

The venue was Café Society, our favorite hang out in Valletta and Music Playground and Live and Work in Malta had decided to have this event aptly titled ‘Make love not war’ to show what two epic groups of people can do when they put their heads together. And naturally the only person we saw fit to showcase at this event is our favorite local producer Aidan Somers.

I had caught up with Aidan short after I had arrived back from the east and was excited to catch up with him. When I found him, he was slumped down in his studio, as always, thinking about his life and his music. He showed me some of his newer material which he was working on and as always I was captivated by the depth of his new sound, it was then I asked if he would play some unreleased music at our event, to which he took it up as a push to have it finished by then. And so we were off.

We hold Aidan in high praise around the office of LWM, as he was the one who introduced us to Izaak (Music  Playground) and if you don’t know about Izaak and his community of music makers, well you’re either not in the music scene or you have a long way to go yet. You see Izaak put together a project late last year with the intention of empowering unknown artists around Malta and helping them get a voice in the fast growing music scene here. His three groups, that Live and Work happily support, are Music Playground, Underground Sound and Soul Movement which I personally would highly recommend if you are an artist or at least even like music, they’re growing and they will be big on the island.

Back to our main man, Aidan’s new production came as a result of his recent mood and mind set and it shows in every beautiful melody that he’s created in this moody yet thoughtful downtempo creation. I got a sneak peek while it was still learning to walk and as always, I am blown away by the mastery of Aidan’s talent and drive to create music of top quality. His three tracks, Leaving, Way I feel and Healing, all reflect his mindset and give the feeling that he’s walking along his path to greatness with the same emotions and the same struggles that we all do. It was noticeably different to his last release but that’s just Aidan’s staple as he never produces two things that are quite the same.

The night was a relaxed evening and there was a good crowd at Café Society, the atmosphere was lovely and the temperature was a bit chilly but pleasant. After a little mixing and mingling we decided it was the right time to play some tunes and we were all eager to hear his final product. And of course it was a great piece of work and we enjoyed a great event overall despite it being an intimate group more than anything else.

That being said it also made the after party a lot easier to manage as we went back to Aidan’s studio for an interview and a listen to some of his other ‘work in progress’ material. Which is where we are now, he’s still working on perfecting his skills and trying different things in his own way and he’s looking forward to the summer, especially Earth Garden where you can catch him play, more on that later. He’s pleased so far with what he’s been producing and can’t wait to release this EP for the general public, which he promised to do later in the year. He wishes that he could get a bit more organized in general but then again, who doesn’t feel that way?

Overall we were super happy to have been able to collaborate as we have on other occasions both with Music Playground as well as with Aidan, and despite missing out on the festivities of Paceville that night, we got the chance to experience something new and exciting that will hopefully be blasting as the future sound of Malta. In the end we didn’t even realize it was St. Patrick’s Day, it was a music day for us.

Don’t forget to follow Aidan on Soundcloud and Facebook and keep an eye out for future articles on him as well as events he will be featured at.