A New Concept,

A New Way of Life.


Growing up, it was always said that flying cars would be the future and radiant cities with big glass plated sky rises that towered over our perfect yet unneeded roads. Years on and to the dismay of all those I grew up with, we’re not very much closer to those cars in the sky but that doesn’t mean that things haven’t changed.

The biggest shift, I would say, is our priorities and perceptions; we don’t have flying cars because they are just not worth looking into for the time being. In recent years, a new development has taken the world by storm and with good reason. Vehicles of all kinds have gotten a bad reputation because of the heavy congestion in places like Ventura Highway in LA and on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey as well as places further away from us like Bangkok and Rio De Janiero. Our environment has become an integral part of our day to day consciousness, as it should; we only have one earth after all.

Another concept which in today’s world is of ever growing importance is time and efficiency. We live busy lives and getting from A to B to C is not always as easy as ABC, in Malta, diversions due to construction or accidents as well as grid lock just from the daily commute, can put a standstill to your mornings and cost you time you could be spending curled up in bed, which is another story and another priority in of itself, but anyway.

It is true and becomes more and more important each day that we secure these simple luxuries and make our lives easier and more livable, Malta is as they say the perfect place to live with its rustic charm and its raw beauty, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without its difficulties especially in this new world. Here luxury is everything not because of the way of life we live but because we have the greater opportunity for it. If you live on the other side of a city like London, it is expected that it may take forty minutes to an hour and a half depending on the time of day, and this is not a new issue, however, on an island as small as Malta, certain things should be taken for granted, like easy access transportation. This is hardly ever the case, but there needs to be a solution to this and it needs to come quick.

So how can we find a way that is ecologically sound, as well as fast and effective to fit our changing priorities in the world? This isn’t a new problem as you can see but there are answers to it. Electric vehicles have pushed forward the concept of environmentally aware driving and now are moving towards the same outcomes and goals with different styles and priorities in mind. And so what are your priorities here in Malta?

Naturally, one’s concern can be filtered down to time, energy consumption and avoiding traffic. And with this in mind, we have to find some alternative to the craziness of the Maltese roads and as we’ve all seen by now that public transport will never be an option. We need to consider a different way in Malta, this is something Malta is known for, discovering new ways to deal with adversity, we are small yes but we always find a way of solving issues related to that. And the best answer is through scooters, a vehicle built for the Mediterranean and something that will soon be taking Malta by storm. So how can we fix our second issue of consumption and time, can there be a scooter out there which is both fast and energy efficient and the answer to that is, yes.

There is a new breed of scooter about that not only takes you from A to B to C but it does so fast and efficiently without taking too much out of your pocket to pay for fuel. How is all this possible? Well, electric scooters can be Malta’s new alternative, the concept and design behind these incredible electric machines is a wonder to behold, they’re not your everyday scooter. Above all, it comes at a price that anyone can afford and continue to afford throughout your experiences with them. This is truly the future look of Maltese transportation; the fact that they are electric provides a cheap alternative to other fuels, and they go farther, faster and for longer. Get yourself anywhere you need to go with the knowledge all the while that you are also helping conserve the air on the islands. On top of that scooters of course have no issue with the common problems Malta deals with like traffic and long waits to get to where you need to go.

Some people worry about those terrible Maltese hills and think that a scooter can never make it up one of those monsters, but that’s a myth, the power of these vehicles equals most bikes, they can go up or down any road with ease. And everything else is just as easy, all you’ll ever need is a test drive to convince you that this is the new concept and new lifestyle that we so dearly need in Malta.

So as you can see, we need a solution to these difficult issues we suffer from here in Malta but that doesn’t mean there are none. Electric scooters are the way forward and can increase the quality of your life tenfold, allowing you to save time and get where you need to go.

We took a look at one such model last week in a Mario and Gerald’s bike shop in Gwardamangija, the NIU, it’s a nice little number and drives like a dream, they offered us a test drive, and wants to offer anyone else who is interested, to come and see what the future is like. Efficient, clean, the e-engine allows for smooth, flawless acceleration (which we particularly enjoyed) and it has a built in GPS so it can never be stolen. We hope to see more innovations of this kind in the near future.