’17 going into ’18

Celebrating at One of

Malta’s New Year’s Eve Parties

Written by Kurt Aquilina

Celebrating a new year is always a special occasion. It is a starting line for some when it comes to changing something about their lives or kick-starting something new. A new year can also be seen as a milestone in one’s life, suggesting that you’ve managed to live on into another calendar year, which unfortunately is not the case for everyone. Overall, a new year is usually associated with all that is new. However, what makes it so special is the different way we celebrate going into it every year.

Some people spend the evening with the family and/or friends at home, while other look at spending the evening out. This is pretty standard all around the world. Every country hosts a huge New Year’s Eve celebration out in the centre of their capital city which many people attend to. Apart from that, one is also offered the option to celebrate in a more intimate environment at one of the many private parties all around the country. That’s what we did this New Year’s eve. In today’s article we’ll be having a look at what goes on at a Maltese New Year’s eve party.

We started our celebrations at around 9.30PM, when we all got lifts from friends or family to avoid any drunk driving mishaps- we wanted to start off 2018 in the right way. We knew we were going to have a mini-van waiting for us at the end of the night so we were determined to have as much fun as we could.

Of course, we got all dressed up to fit the part: suit, bow-tie and all. The party was being held at a wine vault but the open-bar which was advertised had everything but that. There was going to be 2 main bars, a shot bar and a whiskey bar which all looked quite interesting.

As we arrived at the party, we knew we only had two choices: Stay out in the cold, freezing our butts off while we talked with a couple of people we knew who were out smoking, or go inside straight away and start dancing. We chose option two, of course, with the thought of some whiskey to warm us up.

We checked into the party where they gave us the usual, silver, paper bracelet which had the party’s name written on it, and which for some reason always seemed to be indestructible. We walked into the party, amazed at how many people were actually attending. Taking a tour around the place, there was no bar, bathroom, dancefloor or cloakroom which wasn’t full of people. The party was going to be great and we all knew it. The atmosphere was fantastic: people toasting to a better year, others dancing… what could be better than that at a New Year’s Eve party?

Celebrating the New Year at a party in Malta


Time flies when you’re having fun… you’ll see what I’m saying when you attend one of these parties. In the time it’s taken you to read so far, the countdown to 2018 had begun, we all made our way to the bar to order a drink to celebrate with when the mark hit 0 as the clock struck midnight. Sparklers were waved as the music hit a climax and a wave of New Year affection flowed throughout the party as couples celebrated the start of 2018 together, others maybe for the start of their relationship… and others that were just too drunk to care.

As time went by, the amount of people outside compared to those inside began to shift. The lonely food stall of the party was no longer lonely now. The person running the stall must have made a fortune that night with all the junk food he sold to those hungry party goers who decided they were not starting their year hungry. The crowd around the stall was so big, one couldn’t even see the poor guy running around like crazy trying to keep up with the orders.

We stayed inside the party’s venue as the number of people began to decrease and we had more space to dance. Eventually as the bars began to close down for the night, we too decided it was time for us to make our way outside. It was then time for the organisers’ phase-two of their plan for the night: coordinating the transport. After the introduction of the ‘points system’ to all drivers by the Malta Transport Authority, many are now afraid to drive back home after getting wasted at the open-bar. This of course was a jackpot for mini-van and taxi operators in Malta. Most of them were fully booked for the night and we could only thank our stars we found one who was willing to take us back home. Moral of the story, always think ahead.

As you can see, Malta’s holiday season is what you can call one big party. People in Malta love to enjoy themselves and that is what makes us Maltese! Despite its small size, Malta has proven to be a leader in our generation’s nightlife. That’s all we have for you this time, we hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article and we’d love to hear your New Year’s Eve experiences!